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Welcome to Zia Tortilla Company


In late 2017, Zia took over chip production from our former supplier, The Chip Peddler. We continued to make the same chip, sourcing corn tortillas from La Milpa Tortilla Factory in Grand Junction and frying oil from Colorado Sunflower Oil. During this time, we continually invested in upgrading our frying equipment and factory space. In early 2019, Zia Tortilla Company was born with the addition of square footage and a full factory machine setup allowing us to create our own corn tortillas.

We currently source local, non-GMO corn, Colorado Sunflower Oil, and Redmond Sea Salt. We produce corn tortillas and Restaurant Style tortilla chips for our restaurants (including two Zia Taqueria locations and our sister concept, Sage Fresh Eats) as well as a full line of flavored chips for retail sale.

Most corn tortillas (and chips) in the US are made using corn flour (maseca). Our chips and tortillas are produced using the ancient, traditional process of nixtamalization, starting with fresh, local, whole corn.

What is a Nixtamal Tortilla chip?

We’re glad you asked! Nixtamalization is an ancient process that involves soaking and cooking the corn in ash, mineral lime, or calcium to remove the outer cover from the kernel. This reduced mycotoxins  by 97-100%, increases the bioavailability of amino acids, produces bio-available niacin, and enhances the absorption of key minerals when digested. Nixtamalization also improves the texture, aroma, and most importantly, flavor – Yum!

Just a Handful of Ingredients

Zia’s Nixtamal Tortilla Chips have just three locally sourced ingredients: Non-GMO Southwest Colorado corn, Redmond Real Salt from central Utah, and sunflower oil from Lamar, Colorado. No preservatives, gum, or paste additives here!

Minimal Carbon Footprint

All of our corn is grown locally, and the chips are produced in our very own factory, we craft small batches to minimize our energy and water use, and any waste created during production is composted by our local farmers. This bag is made from natural kraft paper and lined with a compostable film made from annually renewable plants.