Love + Chew Peanut Butter Protein Cookie

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Plant-based eating easy on the go. Our cookies are beautifully and simplistically packaged, and our main ingredients are almonds, dates and chia seeds. We’re a female-owned San Francisco-based company and we believe that the plant-based lifestyle is not just for vegans but can be integrated into anyone’s lifestyle. Our recipes are inspired by our founder’s family’s recipes and lifestyle, which are made with whole food ingredients. Our customers love our cookies as a quick breakfast chopped up over yogurt, or a healthier afternoon snack to beat those 3pm hangries.

gluten free
protein & Fiber
soy free
grain free
AAPI owned

Want more protein in your diet? Our Protein Cookies include upcycled oat protein, a natural byproduct of the oat milk manufacturing process, peanut butter, almond flour & chickpea flour. Each cookie also has 10g of protein & fiber. Good for you and good for the planet!