Lentiful French Mirepoix

Lentiful French Mirepoix

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Fancy to say (meer-pwah) and even fancier to eat! With our French-style lentils, we've taken the classic Mirepoix trio of carrots, onion and celery and added in the perfect amount of leeks, parsley and fennel for an exceptionally balanced and elevated lentil meal.

Muscle-Friendly Protein
Lentils are muscle friendly plant-based protein. Of all the plant-based foods on Earth, lentils have the 2nd highest amount of protein per serving. A must add to any plant-based diet. 

Gut-Friendly Fiber

Lentils are an excellent source of prebiotic fiber, feeding your gut flora and keeping your digestive tract happy and regular. 

Climate-Friendly Food
Lentils are not only good for our health but for soil too. As a carbon fixing crop, they draw nitrogen from the air and convert it into fertilizer in the ground, eliminating the need for pesticides and helping farmers revitalize their soil health. Win-win-win

Age-Friendly Carbs

Blue Zone populations, known for living long lives, eat 4x as many legumes as we do here in America. They're considered a cornerstone of the "longevity diet", with at least 1/2 cup per day consumed.

Tastebud-Friendly Flavors

Lentils are "flavor chameleons" - absorbing all the spices and ingredients you cook them with, creating an endless amount of craveable plant-based meals