Lentiful Tomato Bolognese

Lentiful Tomato Bolognese

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Introducing our savory Low Sodium Tomato Bolognese! This richly flavored Italian-inspired lentils dish makes the perfect mid-day lunch or hearty snack. Each cup is bursting with tomatoes, carrots, black beans and bell peppers with a hint of basil and fennel. And with just 50mg of sodium, it's a heart-healthy meal you can feel great about too. So, the next time you're craving Italian, skip the empty carbs of pizza or pasta and grab this deliciously satisfying, nutrient-dense alternative.

Muscle-Friendly Protein
Lentils are muscle friendly plant-based protein. Of all the plant-based foods on Earth, lentils have the 2nd highest amount of protein per serving. A must add to any plant-based diet. 

Gut-Friendly Fiber

Lentils are an excellent source of prebiotic fiber, feeding your gut flora and keeping your digestive tract happy and regular. 

Climate-Friendly Food
Lentils are not only good for our health but for soil too. As a carbon fixing crop, they draw nitrogen from the air and convert it into fertilizer in the ground, eliminating the need for pesticides and helping farmers revitalize their soil health. Win-win-win

Age-Friendly Carbs

Blue Zone populations, known for living long lives, eat 4x as many legumes as we do here in America. They're considered a cornerstone of the "longevity diet", with at least 1/2 cup per day consumed.

Tastebud-Friendly Flavors

Lentils are "flavor chameleons" - absorbing all the spices and ingredients you cook them with, creating an endless amount of craveable plant-based meals