COVID-19 Response

We opened the coffee shop and ice cream part of the store on July 11th, 2020.  People thought it strange to open a business during a pandemic.   We dreamed about having a store in our little town for a while and felt that it was necessary and needed even more so now.  We wanted to create a food source for our community.

When we opened in July we realized we had a window in the front of the store that we could use as an ordering spot.  This way, we could work on the inside of the store at our convenience and people could feel safe coming to get coffee and ice cream.  From there we added groceries and grab and go food that we prepare in house. In late September, we opened the store to the public.

We receive frequent communication and updates from the Fremont County Health Department.  We use gloves to prepare and handle food. We wear masks at all times and require customers to do the same. We practice good hygiene and require employees to stay home if ill.  We sanitize frequently and will continue to be diligent so that our customers remain healthy.  Our window ordering remains open for those who prefer to use it.  Inside we require customers to practice social distancing. We will soon offer online ordering for food, beverage, and grocery orders.

We have family members who have survived COVID-19 and friends who have lost their loved ones. We take the health of our community seriously and will continue to comply with public health orders as they are received.